admin   January 19, 2015   Comments Off on FEBRUARY IS INTERNATIONAL CHOIR FESTIVAL IN BOHOL

Inspired by its successful hosting of the 1st International Choir Festival and Competition in March last year, Bohol will once again hold another Choir Festival this year, to be scheduled during this love month of February.
Last year, the province and this city played host to this international event, which was participated by choirs of the Philippines, South Korea, Australia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kazakhstan, along with local groups.
A total of $10,000 in prizes was then at stake for the competition under the different categories.
This friendly choir competition aims to promote the spirit of international camaraderie, friendship and cultural understanding among the participants and provide every competing delegation the opportunity to appreciate each countries’ culture and traditions.

The event is considered an effective vehicle for promoting Bohol in the tourism, culture and arts in broader perspective as it goes beyond border reaching Asia and the rest of the world. Last year’s event was part of Bohol’s recovery program from the devastating effects of the natural calamities that hit Bohol in 2013. During their brief stay in the province, the delegates experienced the unique Boholano hospitality, savored the local cuisine, visited its beautiful tourist attractions, explored the famous dive sites, and mingled with the locals, among others.

Should plans push thru as scheduled, the Bohol Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts will eagerly watch out for the detailed plans and programs to be laid down by the major organizers of this international choir competition.

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